Friday, December 4, 2009

Top 10 reasons to sell during the holidays

Many of you may think that the holiday season is a slow time for real estate. That misconception is often times fostered by Realtors who want to take the month of December off. The truth is,it is actually a great time, and NEVER MORE SO THAN THIS YEAR! With interest rates at ALL-TIME low and the extension of the first-time buyer tax credit, you cannot afford to waste time! Below is a list of some reasons why the holiday season is ideal to sell!

1. Buyers looking are truly serious
2. Your house looks great decorated
3. People are always looking 365 days/year
4. Less competition (less homes on the market)
5. Moving costs are usually less expensive
6. Interest rates are great!
7. May be a tax benefit (Especially for First-Time Buyers!)
8. Easier to schedule a closing
9. Be in your new home for the New Year
10. More time to shop while I show your home

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