Wednesday, June 11, 2008

6 Month Activity Report for Norridge

In the last six months, 25 homes have sold at an average of $344,756 in Norridge.
The averate time to sell is 166 days, or about 6 months.
While $344,756 is the average, the highest priced home sold for $620,000 and the lowest was $249,500.

Of the 25 homes that sold, nine went for between 300 and $350,000.

Currently, there are 11 homes under contract and 130 homes actively for sale.

There are many keys to selling is this market and I'd be happy to advise you and/or assist you in the sale of your home.
Of course, the number one factor is always the price. If you are too high, you are only helping the other homes in the area sell and are wasting your time. Besides price, there are things you can do and ways to market that are unique from the others. Give me a call to learn more --no obligation!

Bob Chiarito 847.878.3724
Proud to live and work in Norridge!

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