Monday, February 9, 2009

Recent snapshot

In June I posted a six month activity report for Norridge, letting you know how many homes sold from January to June 2008, the avergage selling price, and other facts.

I am happy to report, despite the "slow market," from July 2008 to present, 48 homes have sold at an average price of $301,327. This is up from the 25 homes that sold the previous six months. Yes, it is true that the average selling price has lowered, but this just proves what I've always preached -- that price is the number one obstacle to selling your home!

Currently there are 83 homes on the market in Norridge with the average asking price of $423, 725. (The most expensive being $1,299,000 and the least expensive $132,950. Most are in the 270-380K range.)

In addition, there are 7 homes currently under contract -- ranging from $169,500 to $362,000.

I anticipate a plethora of homes coming on the market soon. If you are thinking of selling, it may be wise to get your home on the market before the onslaught! Please contact me today to pick my brain!

Bob Chiarito
Proud to live and work in Norridge!

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